VoIP (Voice Over IP) Phone Systems

What is VoIP?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol), and was initially created to provide an alternative to long distance telephone calls. In the first few years of VoIP, calls could only be made via a computer with a microphone and speakers and calls were frequently "dropped". However, in recent years, advances in VoIP technologies allow calls without a computer with phone systems much like what businesses and organizations are accustomed to today with standard land lines. Plus, since VoIP uses an internet connect to transmit the call, today's high speed internet further enhances the call quality and reliability of the system.

Today's VoIP

In addition to improvements in call quality, VoIP now offers the flexibility and portability with telephones that can work off virtually any internet connection. So, if you are traveling, it's easy to make calls just as if you were in the office. IT Managers who are considering upgrading their telephone system should seriously take a look at what VoIP has to offer. Today's VoIP is a cost-effective solution for anyone looking for a premium solution that offers remote capabilities and enhances customer service.

Sales, Installation, Support & Service

If you are interested in a VoIP system, you've come to the right place! At Pennsylvania Telephone Products we have partnered with some of the industry's leading providers of VoIP systems and have a a team of qualified technicians to handle everything from installation, maintenance and repair. We have been providing complete business phone systems to the Harrisburg, PA Area since 1978 and have always kept on top of the latest technologies - and that includes VoIP.

Is VoIP Right for Me?

We pride ourselves on finding the best telecom solution for our customers. For many organizations today, a VoIP system can be a smart and cost-effective move.

VoIP can be ideal if:
* You have multiple offices
* You have individuals who work remotely
* You need advanced calling features such as call forwarding, transfer, voicemail, etc.

To find out if VoIP is right for you, we offer a FREE telecommunications consult where we can go over your needs and wants in a telephone system. We are then able to make an educated decision and offer recommendations. Contact Us today to set-up your FREE consult.


Are you searching for general information about VoIP? Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding VoIP Systems:

Q: What is the benefit of a VoIP System over a traditonal phone system?
A: Cost is the primary reason that companies and organizations choose VoIP. VoIP does not use a traditional telephone line to transmit calls, but instead uses a high speed internet connection.

Q: Can I keep my current phone numbers?
Yes, we would simply port your existing number to the new VoIP system.

Q: If the power goes out, will I still be able to use my phone?
Yes, if you have a battery backup on your network. Since the system works off high speed internet, if you you lose that connection you will no longer have the ability to place phone calls.

Q: Is the quality the same as a normal call?
Yes, and depending upon your equipment and internet speed, it can actually be superior to standard land lines.

Q: What features are available with a VoIP system?
Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, and Voicemail are just a few of the many features that are available with a VoIP system.

Experience Freedom

Ask about the benefits of VoIP for working remotely and the full list of available features for your new phone system. Plus, you can increase productivity and improve customer service with VoIP!

Key Features
* Mobile Communicator for Smartphones & Tablets
* Auto Attendant
* Voice Mail
* Email Notification
* Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
* Deluxe PC Softphone
* IP Attendant for Office
* Mobile & SIP Extensions
* Call Recording
* Green Power Save

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